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Jog Shop 5K weekly Run Group

We are starting a weekly run group on 31st January at 6pm from the store. It is free group open to all abilities, it will be a great way to meet new runners and enjoy the lovely Brighton seafront. If you are interested contact the store or send us a message on facebook or Twitter. We hope to see you soon.



Now the weather is changing and we are in winter  we need to think about our winter training and cross country races.

Generally we increase our mileage in the winter ready for spring marathons the marathon entries are now out  so many of us have a target. We have a wealth of knowledge about marathon training here in the shop so if any of you need specific advice or training programs just drop in and speak to one of us .

We do specific marathon training groups on tuesday evenings at withdean stadium at 7-00 it is for all so just turn up and ask for sam or tony we are there every tuesday evening we dont charge anything but there is a small fee to use the facilities there.

The key to training for a marathon is to get in long runs and to do a fair mileage I know not everyone is in a position to train seriously for a marathon , it is a major undertaking but we all need to be running 3 or 4 times a week at the least and be able to run for up to 2 hours by christmas

After christmas the long runs start and as a rule of thumb we need to be doing 2 hours every week in january 3 hours in feb and  4 in march . this might sound daunting but it is what is needed.

winter clothing is a must for all these long runs and the winter running uniform is very simple a tight fitting technical long sleeved top as a first layer and a loose fitting lightweight  rain jacket over it . on the bottom you just need a pair of technical tights that do not restrict leg movement in any way.

One other important factor to the long runs is of course fuelling . Remember  the body can only store 2 hours of fuel in the muscles and liver so any run over the 2 hours needs fuel so now is the time to try out all the different gels and bars etc. Each of which has about half an hour of fuel in them.

I hope this is informative if you have any questions on any subject just ring me on 01273 675717 sam