The Good Good Friday Friday Run

The Good Good Friday Friday Run

In the olden days we held the friday run at 4 pm for all those runners that could escape work early. We regularly had a dozen or so and ran from the marina to telscombe tye and back on the grass cliff top path.

Every week we ran out together and chatted then we ran back against the clock. Each week the wind and the weather were different so times varied a lot.


On good friday we get fifty or so runners out on the cliff top and do the out and back course. Timing every one for the return journey.

As we cannot get out on Fridays anymore we would like you all to run the course yourself anytime and anyday and record your return journey from the wire at telscombe tye to the end of the cliff top grass at the Marina. And email it to us at : And we will put you on the ranking list.



See map of course :